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American corporations are not alien to outsourcing and offshoring. In fact, we Americans have been leveraging the educated portion of developing nations such as India, Vietnam, and Philippines for years. While utilizing the workforce available offshore introduces some advantages, some controversies such as keeping jobs away from our fellow american citizens and some challenges such as time difference are left untouched.

With current ways of offshoring staff american corporations sacrifice American jobs for keeping corporate costs minimal. On the other hand, the offshore staff come from a different cultural background which poses its own cultural limitations and language barriers. The time difference between the U.S and most popular outsourcing destinations requires that either Americans stay up all night or the outsourced staff.To this end, Grayshoring aims at bringing American corporations closer to American people while at the same time ensuring that both sides make enough capital and enjoy a desirable work-life balance.

This togetherness is not possible without providing good profit margins for corporations and a flexible work environment along with good income for the American people. We have a pool of reliable professional expat Americans in South America who have been working with american companies for years. Hence, they understand the American culture both at home and at work which means no language or cultural barrier. What’s more, they live in the same timezone as in the U.S so there is no time difference and no need for one party to stay up all night. 

We’re offering Free Consultation for all interested parties either American Companies looking to hire or American People looking to move to Cuenca and get hired. Make sure to get in touch with us and claim your Free Consultation phone session.

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