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In Cuenca Ecuador

Each Dollar Buys 5$ Worth of Goods.


See Cuenca in Action

In Cuenca, Ecuador life is much slower and more peaceful. Rent is just 350$ for a two bedroom furnished condo. Lunch is just 2$ and quality medical care is cheaper by 10x compared to that of the United States.

Why Move to Cuenca?

Low Cost of Living

Cost of living in Cuenca, Ecuador is unbelievably low. Health and dental care are practically at unbeatable rates. Rent for a beautiful newly built furnished condo is about 350$ a month and utilities cost under 50$. A taxi ride would roughly cost 2$ and efficient public transportation is just 0.30$

Infinite Job Opportunities

Here at Grayshoring we provide infinite job opportunities for Americans who wish to live in Cuenca, enjoy all the awesomeness of the city, and work American companies remotely from home. Cuenca's Low cost of living and high pays of American companies make this deal almost irresistible.

It's All Like Back Home

Cuenca, Ecuador is jam packed with all the amenities you need and its historical and natural beauty amazes you once you get here. People in Cuenca are extremely nice and they love foreigners. Plus, you get to join an American community of almost 6000 people from the U.S.

We’re offering a Free Consultation for all interested parties either American Companies looking to hire or American People looking to move to Cuencna and get hired. Make sure to get in touch with us and claim your Free Consultation phone session.

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