What’s it Like to Live in Cuenca?

Checkout the stats.

Cuenca, Ecuador in the eyes of statistics.

Independent statistics providers say that Ecuador offers very low cost of living, high quality of life and of course, a very high safety index. Just check the facts and statistics from sources such as Numbeo.com.

Cost of living

Cuencanos enjoy one of the lowest cost of living in the world where a delicious full meal including a glass of fresh juice, main course, and dessert can cost somewhere between 2$ to 5$ depending on the restaurant. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the up to date cost of living on Numbeo.com one of the most trusted websites for cost of living.

Work-life Balance

Ecuadorians are well known for being “Tranquilo” or laid-back type of people. Life is very peaceful and slow here and people are among the happiest people on earth. Realizing this feature, today 6000 Americans live in Cuenca alone. Just check out our media center to see what real-life expat Americans have to say about living in Cuecna or Ecuador in general.


The safety index provided by Numbeo.com is a good indication of how safe it is to live down here. just as an example, we have compared Chicago, IL to Cuenca, Ecuador. See the stats for yourself and be the judge.

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